About This Site

 This social media blog is inspired by the Tao of Twitter, written by Mark W. Schaefer, and was assigned by my MKTG 671: Social Media Class professor, Dr. Gary Schirr, as a semester long individual passion project. Designed not only to understand how important social media is in marketing, but also a way to get hands-on experience with different social media platforms.

The “passion” I choose was Hiking around the community as well as the world. My goal is to start a community around the New River Valley interested in new hiking adventures around the area through personal experiences as well as other blogs, articles found about nature, make more people aware of community trips, and popular book publications I found particularly interesting.

Out of the several different interesting social media platforms in todays world, I have chosen to use:

  • This Blog
  • A Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ExperienceOutdoors to get the community more involved in outdoor activities and get other’s opinions of items written in this blog
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/BrittanyELittle, to get others around the world to express their experiences
  • YouTube: BELittle89 to get real human interactions with nature
  • Instagram: BrittanyELittle to post pictures I have taking while exploring different outdoor trails

After personal experiences and reading interesting written material there will be a posting from me, which I hope will attract you to comment on these posts, current events or new articles. In addition, I am hopefully to incorporate the RU Outdoors club to express their opinions and upcoming trips, while also posting events the Montgomery County Parks and Rec department host.

The success of the effort and project depend on the interested parties and participators who read and add their thoughts and comments. I appreciate any suggestions on how to make this site both and on potential posting articles. Contact Me on Facebook, Twitter or by email: blittle9@radford.edu


2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Brittany very nice site…good work.

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