Barefoot Sisters Book Series

Has anyone read the Barefoot Sisters Book Series about these two sisters, Isis and Jackrabbit their trail names, also known as Susan Letcher and Lucy Letcher who hiked the entire Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia and then turned around and headed back the other way? I am currently looking for nature adventure books to read over winter break and Amazon recommended this series to me since last summer I read the book Becoming Odyssa. I must say that after Walking Home Barefoot Sistersreading information posted about these two women, I am very inspired by them, SouthBound Barefoot Sisters Seriesnot just as a women, but also as a hiking/adventurous myself. I mind my I would like to say one day, I hope to hike the Appalachian Trail with other people but I hardly doubt I will ever have enough strength and motivation to do so, since I love the outdoors but am not so happy sleeping in a tent camping. So for me to experience this long hikes, I will continue reading about these people and dream about what it would be like for them. Another reason I am inspired by these women is for the reason they are named the barefoot sisters, these two women hiked the entire trail BAREFOOT! which takes months to complete and the weather conditions can vary from snow to sweltering summer heat. Sounds crazy right, that is what I thought, but because of this interesting experience, I will be hopefully reading about their experiences during winter break.

What other books should I be reading about nature, and outdoors experiences I might not ever have the chance to do? I would love to hear from you and am always open to new and creative ideas and experiences. Also please let me know if you have read either one of these books and what your opinions of them were, according to comments on Amazon and Ebay these books are amazing.

For more information about the BareFoot sisters, or the Barefoot hikers of PA organization, visit:

Good advice I found for on and off the trail: Never Give Up Quote

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