Nature Book Review: Becoming Odyssa

After reading book review in one of the local outdoors magazines, offered a various restaurant around the area, I was inspired to read this book over the summer. This book is about a young women whom just graduated from college, similarly to myself, in search to find herself, through difficulties faced on every day adventures of the Appalachian Trail. The girl Jennifer in this book, takes off a four-month journey in this trail, which is 2175 miles long stretching from Georgia to Maine, by herself, while meeting up with other thru-hikers along the way, whom compare events that has happened to them.  Through experiences, she comes to realize thru-hiking is much harder than she expected,  with the help of blisters developing, aching muscles, and exhaustion setting in shortly after the start. Although everyday activities seemed to maintain a hard balance on her life, she started to embrace the incredible characters and  Trail Angels around. According to interviews of Jennifer after her adventure was completed, she said she started an over-confident college graduate and became a person she never imagined. Many resource state, Jennifer Pharr Davis became the Appalachian Trail Overall Record Holder is 2011, completing the trail in 46 days, a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012, and won Ultrarunning Magazine’s Female Top Performance of the Year in 2011. To check out more information on her, go to

Watch CBN interview video of Jennifer, to hear about her experience. Jennifer Pharr-Davis: Becoming Odyssa.

Jennifer not only inspired me as a hiker to reach new goals and ambitions, but also as a young women ready to face the real world. After reading this book, I am encouraged to go out and explore what nature has to offer, but I am not sure I am as brave as Jennifer in terms of going and hiking the Appalachian trail from start to finish on my own. I encourage everybody to read this book and enjoy learning from her problems and experiences, so whose of us who are to scared to do this, will still understand the difficulty people face in hiking every day, and encourage everybody to experience some part of the Appalachian trail, for it beauty. Also if you ever have a chance to become a Trail Angel, as Jennifer calls them, take the chance, who knows one day you might end in book, similar to this book, who makes thru-hikers feel loved and much less lonely at the time.

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If anybody knows any other excellent outdoors books or magazines, please let me know I am always interested in learning new concepts and ideas revolving my natures surrounding.

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One thought on “Nature Book Review: Becoming Odyssa

  1. Jennifer sounds like a very inspiring young woman! I would love to do the entire AT, also, just not by myself.

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