Pandapas Pond, Nature Hike- Blacksburg, Virginia

Inside the forest

One of the great places to fishing, trail run, hike, mountain bike and horseback ride around the Blacksburg, Virginia area is Pandapas Pond. It is located about 15 minutes northwest of Blacksburg and located off of US-460. Walking around the pond and wetland is a total of 2 miles with very little changes in elevation, and is perfect for runners, walkers, and parents with kids.

Today instead of walking around the pond, I decided to challenge myself a little more, by mountain bike riding on the Poverty Creek Trail, which is roughly 7.2 miles around trip and serves as the main trail to many others intertwined in the woods. From the parking lot, the trail starts wide, smooth and descends than shortly becomes hard and more challenging, crossing over Poverty Creek three time, if the creek is not all dried up like it was today, while trying to maintain balance over the rocky terrain on the paths. While travel this trail and any others around this area, you need to be courteous while riding on this trail, since you are sharing it with not only other bikes but runners, walkers, and horses as well.

Several other trails, bikers, hikers, and horse riders,  undertake are the Horse Nettle Trail, which is 3.0 miles ascending over 600 feet with the difficulty as hard, Jacobs Ladder, which is a 1.3 mile vertically steep track with the difficulty to be the hardest, Snake Root which is 2.3 miles dropping elevation of 600 feet, Old Farm/ Gateway, which is a 1.6 mile climb of over 600 feet, May Apple which is a 1.0 mile flat smooth wide dirt trail and others ranging in different elevations, and difficulty ranging from easy to very hard. Which one interests you the most, and why?

Poverty Creek Trail

Trail Map

Yellow Stickweed

Weird looking bee’s nest

Giant White Mushroom, I found

More Yellow Stickweed

During this ride I saw several amazing elements of nature, enjoyed embracing my surrounding, spent time with my father as well as got some physical exercise. What kept me motivated to keep going, was the burning feelings in my legs going up each and every hill I faced, and the knowing fact that when I do this mountain bike ride again, I will be stronger and will be able to accomplish a much harder trail.  Motto of the Day:You know what your doing is worth it, when you feel the pain!!

Depending on how you want to enjoy nature and its surrounding, Pandapas Pond might be the place for you!!!

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