My First Blog Post: “Passion” Project

The purpose  of this blog is to express my “passion” of Hiking and nature/outdoors through a social media campaign. This project was given to the MKTG 671: Social Media Class at Radford University as a semester long project to not only engage in social media aspects in written forms but also through real hand-ons experiences. Its designed to give a platform to users interest in hiking and nature, to express their experiences and interactions as well as a place to introduce new community events/activities in nature, provide discussions on other nature blogs, or written articles read, in addition to gain more interest in nature and hiking both around the New River Valley, in Southwest Va and the world.

Out of the several different interesting social media platforms in todays world, I have chosen to use:

  • This Blog
  • A Facebook Fan Page: to get the community more involved in outdoor activities and get other’s opinions of items written in this blog, planned hiking trips that want involvement or if just nature activities, hosted by the RU Outdoors Club and the Montgomery County Parks and Rec Department.
  • Twitter:, to get others around the world to express their experiences
  • YouTube: BELittle89 to get real human interactions with nature
  • Instagram: BrittanyELittle to post pictures I have taking while exploring different outdoor trails

In addition to me just posting articles, I am hoping to get the RU Outdoors Club and the Montgomery County Parks and Rec Department involved in both this blog and my Facebook Page. If you have any other organizations, you would like hear from just let me know!!!

To gain success on this project both for a grade and personal development on social media, involvement both on my part and yours is important. And I would love great interact/connections with people on opinion and new events as well as suggested articles or improvement of this blog. Please feel free to comment and post questions on this blog and any of other social media platforms I created, in addition to contacting me directly.

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